Vitamin D Injections: Learn What They Can Do for You

Jan 03, 2024
Vitamin D Injections: Learn What They Can Do for You

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than most people realize, and the effects on your health can be significant. Here’s why you should consider vitamin D injections to support your overall health and wellness.

Most of us know vitamin D is important for helping us stay healthy, but despite that, many Americans still don’t get enough of this essential nutrient. Data show as many as 41% of Americans have insufficient vitamin D levels, and 22% have moderate to severe vitamin D deficiencies.

As a leading medical practice in Leawood, Kansas, beYOU bioidenticals offers vitamin D injections that correct deficiencies to improve overall health and wellness. In this post, our team reviews some vitamin D benefits and a brief explanation of why injections are better than oral supplements.

Vitamin D benefits

Vitamin D offers a wealth of health benefits, but unfortunately, it’s not found in many foods. Many common foods — like cereal and milk — are fortified with extra vitamin D to help us get the necessary amount.

A lot of the vitamin D we get comes from the sun. When our skin absorbs sunlight, reactions trigger vitamin D production in our bodies. People who live in areas of low light, have darker skin tones, and don’t spend much time outdoors are more prone to developing deficiencies. Low vitamin D levels can also be more common during winter when there’s less sun overall.

Because vitamin D deficiencies are so common, it’s doubly important to take steps to ensure you’re getting enough. With adequate vitamin D in your system, you can enjoy many benefits for your health and wellness.

Stronger bones

Most of us know vitamin D maintains strong bones. Vitamin D helps your bones absorb calcium to repair themselves and replace old, worn bone cells with healthy, sturdy tissue. 

Improved sleep

Vitamin D plays a role in how well you sleep. Low vitamin D levels may make it hard to get the sleep you need to maintain wellness, or it can cause poor-quality sleep. Data shows vitamin D supplements can help reduce sleep problems and related feelings of fatigue and low energy.

Reduced risk of depression

Vitamin D deficiency can take a toll on your physical health, but it affects mental wellness, too. Researchers have linked low vitamin D levels to both depression and anxiety disorders

Enhanced immunity

Vitamin D is deeply involved in immune system health. Immune system cells include receptors specifically designed to interact with vitamin D. If your  vitamin D levels are low, it’s hard to fight off infections, including the flu, colds, pneumonia, and other respiratory tract infections

Faster healing

Vitamin D manages inflammation and promotes tissue healing. If your levels are low, it can take longer for wounds to heal, potentially increasing your risk of infection. 

Less chronic pain

In addition to its role in immune system health, vitamin D supports normal pain signaling. If you’re deficient in vitamin D, changes in signaling can lead to an increased perception of pain, including chronic pain syndromes and arthritis.

Injections vs. oral supplements

Taking oral supplements may sound like a convenient alternative to vitamin D injections. However, oral supplements have several significant shortfalls compared to receiving the vitamin directly into your bloodstream.

Specifically, vitamin D supplements must pass through your digestive tract so they get diluted before being absorbed by your body. That means you may not get as much vitamin as you think. Plus, if you have any issue that interferes with vitamin absorption, you can be left with low levels despite taking supplements regularly.

On the other hand, vitamin D injections are delivered to your bloodstream, allowing the vitamin to reach your tissues and organs without being diluted or blocked by your digestive system. Injections are quick, too, and they can be more accurately dosed based on your specific level of deficiency.

Learn more about vitamin D injections

If you have vitamin D deficiency symptoms or want to get tested for your vitamin D levels, we can help. To learn how, request an appointment online or over the phone with the team at beYOU bioidenticals today.